Friday, February 8, 2008


If I've ever drawn Iron-Man before I don't remember doing it. He's grown on me a little here and there (strangely, I liked him in "Civil War") so when I decided to make him the weekly sketch challenge for The Temple of Cartoon Mojo I figured what the hell, I'd do a sketch with the students and post it along with their's sometime this weekend to show support.

It was also a really great way to test out my new mechanical pencil! For some reason I've always gripped my utensils like I'm trying to throttle the life out of them. Well, in order to prevent my fingers from cramping I put padded grips on everything I draw with. This pencil comes with one built-in and it's soooo comfortable for me to hold and use! And what's especially nice about it? Shawn bought it for me from! You can't beat a good friend. He's got a free lunch coming his way.

And now time to get back to work. No one can't tell me I dunno how to have fun on Friday nights.

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